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Status: Extra info
Date: 20-Oct-2008
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Rabied Mushroom: 'Do you have a Wii?'

Bag of Badgers: 'No, I've got a Slash!'

This awesome truck really threw up the dust in this final installment of our photographic journey through the Westcountry village of Poobegon. Yes, I was lying on the ground, and yes, I did get covered in dust.

Magic Dusty Slashing up the dirt Speed, power, control, dog eggs, this truck has it 'a Slash in the hedge' I can't think of any slash jokes for this image A second later I got in the face blasted with dust ...and not just dust, either!

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Love the pics, love the Slash



That Traxxas was an impressive bit of kit. Even with the added PooBeGone hopup in photo 7



Great pics! 3 and 4 look really awesome! Well, a little poop here or there, no big deal as long as it´s fun Rock on mate



cool truck!

Bag Of Badgers


Next time I will be fitting a anti Poobegon plough and flaps, the second thing to be cleaned after my boots were disinfected!!!!! Dam those inhabitants of Poobegon

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