Model: 99998: Kyosho
Status: How To Guide
Date: 9-Nov-2008
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I wanted to run some HPI 5 star wheels on my resto-mod ultima that i have been running. As we all know, HPI stopped carrying the 'front' 5 star rims with the adapters a long time ago and they are super rare to find on ebay.

So i decided to make the rears work in the front.

First i got 3 kyosho parts readily available for the RB5 ultima, parts UM505, UMW507, and BRG001TS

They easily Adapt to the original ultima. They do need a plastic washer on the inside of the a-arm but fit fine.

Now the wheels are readily Available from tower in white, gray, black and chrome

So First i cut the wheel with a dremel cut off wheel to the first inner rib, then finished it with a exacto knife.

Second i used a dremel to cut off about 2-3mm from the inside of the hex, so that sits well on the front axle.

It bolts on really well, offset is slightly different, but it gives the car a wider stance, which the original ultima desperately needs.

Completed Car Ultima RB5 Front Axle Adaptation Slicing off outside rib with cutoff wheel about 2 mm grinded off from hex Wheel mounted Original RB5 Front/Rear Comparison Parts Used


Road Burner


Nice work!!!



great trick!

flux density


Cool mod !



I always wondered if it was possible... now I know! yes

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