Model: (Click to see more) 58017: B2B Racing Side Car
Status: Extra info
Date: 25-Nov-2008
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A few weeks ago I got this side car and restorated the chassis with a 540 motor. Now it's in running condition! I only have to charge the battery and let it go! Haven't got the chance yet to run it outside, because snow fall down the last days. :(

I don't know what to do with the body. It has it's charm in this used condition. I don't have the body clips for the rear fixing, so I put on a replacement attachment.

Does anybody have the original decals and rear body fixing?

OK, the body is now painted with the old decals left.




I remember seeing the real ones at Francorchamps in the late Eighties. Not my fav cup of tea... but quite impressive to watch!



Here are some correct pics I gathered in the past few years.

[Click here]

The RL pic you added is the pre B2A-class if memory serves me correctly.



Thank you for the information DeeMiller. These reference pics are amazing.

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