Model: (Click to see more) 49418: TA05-R Chassis Kit
Status: New built
Date: 30-Nov-2008
Comments: 5
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Never got around building my TA02 Alfa but always loved it for its simple colours. In the 90's I wanted to restart my hobby and planned to buy the TA02 Alfa in a LHS. The Tamiya was not in stock and I ended up with the Kyosho version in that odd 1/10 scale. Never like the Kyosho and bought a D2 AMG Mercedes short after. As for this car the chassis is borrowed from my BMW TA05 MS and the body is a re-re original body from Jason. (they where re-re'd at an event in Japan this year) The innerbody is just like the TA02 kit and it took some while to finish it. The wheels are from a NSX and are offset +2. Because they are a bit to wide I used smaller hex and some spacers. The tires are Sorex soft and the ESC is Tekin with Lipo cutoff. The Motor is a Mamba and of coarse a spectrum to finish it off. I will plan to make another bodyset and run this very hard!

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Looks perfect to me



Looks perfect FOR me (does koenc mean)



That does look very nice. guess it was worth the wait !!



great alfa nice detail



Looks perfect

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