Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Extra info
Date: 8-Dec-2008
Comments: 36
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Snap On Scorchy by Oldsterolli.

Over the last year I noticed something very different and special appear on the front page of TC.

A member called Oldsterolli was making some superb miniature 1/35th Scorcher models and as the months went buy every so often a new version of his miniature marvels would appear, different colour schemes and styles. I then noticed these kits were available for sale. I also build static models as well as RC models, so this was very interesting to me. Then one day I noticed a miniature 1/35th scale Scorcher modelled after my good friend's 7.2inchdriver’s Marco’s Scorcher. Now I had to compliment Oldsterolli on this build, so I emailed him directly to voice my thoughts about his superb models.

Oldsterolli ( Olli ) then surprised me beyond belief, he emailed me pictures of his next 1/35th scale Scorcher and he was modelling my Snap On Scorcher that I had recently made. Now that was the nicest compliment anyone has ever given me and it completely made my day.

I begged Olli to make me one and he very kindly agreed. I immediately bought one of Olli’s Scorchy kits and I have already listed that in my showroom. I believe all are sold now, so I am pleased to have it.

Olli is a really fantastic guy and over these few months we have become good friends. Tamiyaclub is just superb for this.

Olli was sending me progress shots of how he was getting on. I must say he is one, if not THE most tallented modellers on TC. Truly stunning how he does it. It was hard enough to make a 1/10th Snap On Scorcher just amazing how Olli made a 1/35th miniature.

To complete the model I asked my Mate Lee ( He makes the TC repro Decals and did the ones on my Snap On Scorcher ) to make some miniature 1/35th scale decals for the Scorchy. These were delivered in 2 days and the quality of the decals was just superb, even in that scale. Lee you are a Decal Master.
No one comes close.

I then sent the decals directly to Olli.
The day finally arrived when I got a nicely wraped parcel from Olli. All work stopped as all my workmates watched me open the parcel, it was so well wrapped that I had to be extremely careful and not damage anything. All the parts were laid out on the table and we all stood there in awe of what Olli has made.

Olli had made the model in 3 parts just as I had done. The body was modified just as my one was with full interior details and roll cage, then the Driver level had the driver and seat, steering wheel, fire extinguishers wiring and the driver even had the drinks bottle tube in his mouth. I also noticed that Olli had added goggles with lenses ( How amazing is that ???????).

Then came the next surprise and it was a BIG one. Olli had connected the drivers head via a miniature wire to the steering, so when you steered the wheels the head would look in the direction the wheels were pointing. This is what the 1/10th version did. TRULY AMAZING attention to detail.

The body clips on beautifully to the chassis to complete the model. Even the suspension works !!!!

Olli then presented the model on a polished alloy plate so you could view the identical 1/35th scale alloy chassis that he made. He even made some miniature display stands.
That’s not all !!!!.

Olli then presented the model with a certificate with a note on the back for me, Class !!!! Olli also sent 2 CD’s with the build in pictures of Snap On Scorchy and a full history of how he made the models and all the different versions he has made.

Once you see how far Olli goes to get these models made then you just appreciate what a bargain they were to buy.

Snap On Scorchy now sits proudly in my collection next to its Big Brother.

I am So Honoured and proud to have Olli’s work in my collection.

I SALUTE YOU OLLI. And Thank you.

The Snap On Scorcher Twins Simply AWESOME !!!! Polished alloy plate shows the chassis detail 1 Driver's head moves when wheels are steered Superb Details inside body The Note from my Friend Olli ( Oldsterolli ) Stunning attention to detail The Ultimate Compliment They look stunning together One very happy Scorchy owner

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The Snap-On Scorcher




Nice one!



STUNNING!!! Olli really is a great talented guy!



UNBELIEVABLE - nothing more to say !!!!!!



I am constantly amazed by Olli's work, and yours!! TC is a better place for having both of you






it really is unbelievable what olli can do. i keep expecting to see a 'scorcher in a bottle' or something crazy like that come from him. the snap on scorcher and its little buddy are both impressive, 'gifts from the model gods' . it is also a rare treat to get a sneak peek into the showcase of wonders.

rad22rad Alloys


Thanks for all your comments guys, Olli deserves every one of them.



WOW~~~ This is amazing work!!!! I am out of words!

Road Burner


This I never thought I would see! Both you guys are an inspiration to us all!



wow! I can't think of anything else



Absolutely incredible. Olli does it again!! I'm gonna be in line to buy this one too if he offers kits for sale. Any plans on some tiny Rad22Rad alloy wheels



Simpley amazing!!! Thanks for sharing



Brilliant! Olli's attention to detail is beyond awesome, Ive had mine for quite some time now and it still never fails to impress me every time I look at it.



Wow! I'm speechless now ...



Incredibly... I´m not worthy.



Fantastic - there's so much creativity on this site, work like this is just jaw-dropping.



Sooo groovy baby ! both yours and the 'mini-me'
The bar continues to rise - my workroom is closer to Tamiya Scrapheap Challenge at the moment



Damn!! I can't believ what I'm seeing. STUNNING!!!!!

ranger blue


both are Absolutely awesome



I SALUTE YOU RAD !!! I´m so happy and very honoured to know the Scorchy in your brilliant collection. Thank you ! And thanks to all members for the comments !!!
Now i´m speechless !!
All the best for 2009 !
cheers, olli



I dont have any words for this kind of modelbuiliding, both the scorcher and the Scorchy. Far beyond borders and my amount of english words....... But they do make me SMILE !!



SImply stunning... no other words!



Absolutely amazing - and gone to a good home too !!!



Olli is really talented. Wow, i didn´t know that an artist came to all my TC Meetings! Congratulations!



Having been lucky enough to have seen both of those Snap On Scorchers whilst visiting Rad, I can honestly say that BOTH are truly supreme works of art. Nice one fella's, your skills are beyond comprehension... I don't know how you do it? But I'm sure glad that you do!! Thanks for sharing this with the 'TamiyaClub-Massif' Rad, I think it's important to the club that members do get to see such inspirational and dedicated work. It just goes to show that if you've got the imagination and talent, then you too can create a unique one off masterpiece. Rad & Olli, I salute you both for offering up such a refreshing 'break' from the norm. It just goes to show, there's nothing wrong with being different?? It's guy's like you, that make guys like me pay my £15 membership every year!

Old Skool


I am totally lost for words Olli is truly an artist and a craftsman beyond belief. Rad you are great also



Thank you all for the comments, really speechless.... Thanks to Tamiyaclub, what a great community !



Two great works of art...side by two amazing artists! - that's a beautiful thing!



It's hard to believe what you are able to do Guys, Congrats Olli. Like 'Neo' in Matrix movie when he stops thousands of bullets and the 'Merovingian' says ''Okay, You have some skill'' I say you Olli: ''Okay, You have some skill''



...just following the white rabbit, Giorgio !

The Hobbymaster


I have been RC modelling for over 25 years and feel I have to make a few comments about not only this lovely little bug but also Rad’s awesome 1/10th scale model subject matter.

First Rad :- your attention to detail is without question one of the best I have seen, I should know as I’ve seen your collection Your static modelling skill brings a whole new dimension to a 1/10th scale working model.

Second Olli: - The craftsmanship shown in shrinking Rad’s Snap on Scorcher down to 1/35th scale is beyond belief!!!!! Your commitment in getting it “perfect” is truly outstanding.
You are BOTH outstanding modellers and BOTH bring fresh new ideas to the Tamiyaclub table and for that I thank you!!!

Lastly Rad I hope that I will be able to see both in the flesh soon???

It must be time for another get together, so I can go green again lol

I wish Olli lived in the UK so we could all sit down a chat about our great hobby!!!

Speak soon, best wishes Ian



I can't believe what you both did. Amazing modelling all around!

rad22rad Alloys


I would like to say a big Thank you for all of the fantastic comments everyone has taken the time to write. Both Olli and I are very pleased that you like what we have done with both models. All the Best to everyone for 2009. Cheers






Rad, I have alway's wanted to see your shelf collection. And finally I have one picture to look at and inspire to. If you ever want to email me a few shelf shots. by all means feel free to as i would love to see more



Rad, I so much enjoy looking through your showrooms. I love this picture of your shelf pieces. They are truly Icons of our hobby. And sterolli is a real artist. His scorchy copy of your Snap-on scorcher is magnificent. Built by a master for a master. Glad to have you as part of our great club.

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