Model: 57785: XB Hotshot 2008
Status: Other
Date: 16-Dec-2008
Comments: 22
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The original Hotshot was released in 1985. This is my first Re-Re model, and also my first vintage runner. I was planning from the start to mount 4 independent shocks, but it looked so cool with the std. mono shocks! It's an impressive construction, but unfortunately it's not working very well... :-)


Modern wheels (dyed black) & tires, spaced out with wide hexes front and rear

19 T brushed motor

Std. Tamiya ESC mod. with Team Associated cooling ribs

Team Orion 4800 LiPo battery

X-Factory X-5 rear wing

F1 (from some guy in Hawaii I seem to recall) and Autographics decals (ebay)

The inspiration:

That's the coolest retromod I've ever seen! Awesome!!! :-D

Update 25.10.2010:

H.P. Suspension kit mounted (Supershot parts). Tamiya TRF (DB-01?) shocks, length 80mm front, 110mm rear. They give full travel and allows for the chassis to bottom out, not the shocks. Installed the anti bump steer kit from RC Channel - looks nice, but I find the ground clearance too poor... so I'm working on a custom made steering rack. And I'll probably make my own bumper. Maybe I'll use the Supershot under guard if I can modify it so no ground clearance is lost. INIX brushless system with 8,5 turn will be fitted. Traxxas E-Maxx steel pinion 32p. And BlueBird servo 706MG low profile. Team CRP fibreglass battery lid. Team Xtreme X11 front and rear wing will be fitted. SRM front arm support from SynchroCRC on it's way... Swapped front suspension mounts left/right to lie the shocks down more. Madinventor will make a new & narrower support alu rod. Stay tuned! :-)

Update 28.10.2010: Also ordered from RcDamper on ebay an aluminum steering rack for TA01/TA02. Should be ideal as it's very low profile and with a control arm already. So I won't be using the RC Channel kit.

Update 27.1.2011: Almost there now!!! Upgraded steering rack ready, no more bump steer! Plus managed to cram into the radio box brushless ESC with fan, low profile servo, and receiver! :-) Brushless motor mounted, JG front bumper, SuperShot undertray, CRP fibreglass battery lid, alu motor screw washers and front shock brace from MadInventor. X11 front wing, JConcepts 7'' rear wing, suspension stiffener from SyncroCRC, 15p Traxxas steel pinion... Just some very minor work left and I'll post new pics of this hopefully super performer!

Update 3.2.2011: The Evo II is now online, check out 'related model' at the bottom of this page!!!

Super Wide Wheel Hexes! Together with it's Team Mate, the Frog B.A.R. CRP Battery Plate TEU-101 ESC with AE colling ribs

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Tamiya Rere B.A.R. Honda Hotshot Evo II




Sorry for the wing.



WOW, love the paintjob!



super! I like it a lot!



Nice livery. Any more pics?



That is one cool looking car, Interested in the wall ride in the background, more pics of that track ?



That looks HOT. And where is that FANTASTIC looking track???!



Very cool and original! More pictures please! Where did you find the Lucky Strike decals?



Interesting It looks a bit like an Oval/Dirt Track buggy, nice job!



Thx guys! The decals are some Autgraphics and some F1 (for Tamiya) sticers. Track is in Oslo, see [Click here]



Welcome to the club, Svein Harald I should have been on that vintage race this summer, but did not have the time. I hope it will be another meeting next year. Cheers



Thx! Sure thing, we'll try and make that happen! :-D



the best hot shot i have seen



What a great line-up! What do the teu-101 think about lipo and a 19T????



Cool looking Hotshot, I like it.



Great Pictures! Even my Avante 2001 in the bottom picture. The picture is from before the rear suspension disintegrated in the first corner...



I added AE cooling ribs to the ESC, but as you assumed... it got too hot and stopped now and then. It either needs more cooling or a better ESC. Btw I'll admit the rear wing is a wee bit too big, it looks better on the B.A.R. Honda Frog.

Considering putting on 4 good shocks (SuperShot mounts) to see how it performs then (the std. Hotshot suspension is rubbish :-D). Maybe also a light b/l setup...



Rc Channel alu bumper & bump-steer eliminator kit is now received, should make the steering way better! :-D



vert nice! what kind of rims are these?
I would love to have them for my HS as well.



Thx! Those are modern Kyosho 1:10 OR rims, which are then dyed black (Tamiya 501/511 can also be used). Finally I put on some F1 stickers. These rims fit std. hexes, which are also used in touring (front and rear). I bought extra wide hexes from rcmart to get more track width. I'm working on this car right now actually, added the RC Channel anti bump steer kit yesterday. Plus Tamiya TRF shocks (4), should be heaps better!

Crash Cramer


Pretty cool looking runner you have there and HOLY CRAP BATMAN, look at the tires on that Wild One.



Aha! This is the model I saw posted on a different site which has inspired me greatly! Pic 1 is absolutely beautiful. I will get a re-re Hotshot because of it! Beautiful work, so much better than the dated box-art look!! Keep up the great work!



Very kind of you guys! I haven't posted anywhere else, but this was what inspired me [Click here] Yeah, it can still look kinda modern! Excited about seeing the laptimes of the Evo II compared to a B44 come spring... Glad I've inspired you to get one yourself!

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