Model: (Click to see more) 49418: TA05-R Chassis Kit
Status: Runner
Date: 18-Dec-2008
Comments: 5
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Updates on the tweaking of my TA05-R:

To avoid motor overheating I changed to 24T pinion and added a Novak heat sink and cooling fan. I figured original would be best but it turned out a pain to install. Taking the motor apart was the easy part - sliding the heat sink on (replacing the original ring) required brutal force. Strange.
Anyway, I am happy with the result. Using a YR 20C lipo, off the ground top speed is 88 km/h and real top speed is 64 km/h. So either the lipo is responsible for beating the 26T pinion setup or this is better gearing for the car. The motor stays cool to the touch after a full battery! Grip is still nonexistent as foam tires have yet to arrive from RCMart.
Thanks for looking.

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