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Status: NIB
Date: 18-Dec-2008
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Some people knows or have read that i raced with 1:5 gas onroad cars. Since three years i have for racing a formula 1 car from the manufactor RS-5 . No i have get the chance to buy a model for my collection from this manufacteur, a premier version of there touring car chassis. RS-5 builds the first touring car chassis in 1999, this chassis which i owend has the chassis number 21 and must be made early in 2000. The chassis is complete and original with all parts, hydraulik disk brakes and suspension pushrod system. I think you will not find a second of this early chassis which is not run. I like this cars very much because of the combination from carbon and aluminium. This are very high quality race cars. This car will build up with period components but i will only sit him on the shelf. It will be shame to race with this rare car.

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Wow Frank, that's a serious piece of engineering. The quality is fantastic. Very nice indeed



mmm, that makes me drool just looking at it!



Wasnt the RS-5 known as the Carbon car? I nearly bough one years ago but I couldnt justify spending that much on my rubbish driving, lol so I ended up with a long wheelbase FG.



These are the nicest 1/5th scale cars ever built.

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