Model: (Click to see more) 58015: Rough Rider
Status: Box and sides
Date: 20-Dec-2008
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Does anyone know why and when Tamiya changed the boxart of the Rough Rider? I dont mean from 'Rough Rider' to 'Buggy Champ'. But as you can see there is a difference between the two first boxes. I think the more realistic one should be the first. Do you know more about this, please leave your feedback. (All feedbacks on this toppic wil be posted). The new changes for the RR rerelease are very minor. Lights and sponsors, together with the name are changed. They forgot one thing... the 'BUGGY CHAMP' will have no lettering on the front tires. They forgot to erase this from the boxart!

Lots of differences spotted, but why and when? Buggy Champ Boxart Errors! The real SS II looks more like the 1e boxart... 1 RR Flying high. A view on my collection... ;-)




The one on the right is more accurate to the actual model, perhaps that is why? Maybe they got feedback from customers who were dissapointed the model varied from the picture, which is now std text on most things these days 'model may vary from illustration'



Hey that's an intressting fact I didn't even noticed yet(hope I'm not the only one) I can also see that there is some description below the 2 axles on the left that are missing on the new gen-boxes.Sorry for no further help but thx for sharing



Adding that text instead of making a new airbrush painting would have spared them lots of time and costs huh?



certainly would have, unless the art department was bored



Great detail fact, also never noticed the differences until now, if it was due to customer feedback why did the Scorcher box art show a non representative car bumper?? especially as it was launched after the Rough Rider.

Crash Cramer


Wow, that is a cool difference. I would imagine that a few folks would be upset not just about the bumper, but what about the lack of NERF bars in the kit. I think it looks closer to a REAL LIFE baja style racer in the left photo and since Tamiya came closer to the right photo with their pieces in the kit.... maybe that is the reason, along with an artist's first rendering versus final run. ?????



Whoa, good eye! I have seen that box art so many times and never caught that. It's like one of those things when you were a kid and had to spot the differences in a picture.



Beside all the differences you found, the japanese version of the right-sided kit is missing.

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