Model: (Click to see more) 58060: Monster Beetle
Status: Restored
Date: 24-Dec-2008
Comments: 7
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Just in time for me to box and rap it up for my 3year old sons christmas gift , hope he likes it . not very pleased with the paint on the shell but will give it a rub down and final coat in the new year . Also think it could do with some decals of some sort any help or ideas on that would be good. The shocks are chrome king blackfoot so are the wheels both sets the motor is a 15t fireball and all the screws have been painted to give it the dark look any body wants to add anythink so it can be improved please do..Merry christmas all and be good.. ;-)

Nice chrome shocks black wheels Mite paint out the arial in matt black ?? Nice bling wheels Not sure about the driver mite matt black him yet This is how it started Think it needs a make over




Nice MB. Like the matte black.



really a nice bug, I especially like the black chassis!



very nice mate.driver needs to follow the black theme.maybe chrome decals like the ghost frog [Click here]

the green beetle


MMM!!! Like it !!! Goes straight to my favourites!



Pretty cool. How does it run with that motor?

mad maz


Thanks all .. Danbox have not run it yet as its for my 3 year old son and it is all boxed and rapped for him to open on christmas day ..



Sweet, can't beat the Monster Beetle! Your sons very lucky! Hope he enjoys.

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