Model: (Click to see more) 99964: SG
Status: Project
Date: 31-Dec-2008
Comments: 2
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This is a SG Columbia in the premiere version from 1982. The premiere version was only produced very short and changed then to the Columbia MKII. The diffrence is that this version has the rc plate and the chassis plate in brown epoxy, later they whre made in aluminium. This car is slightly used but it is complete, it was run as electric version so nothing is defect. i will made a gas version when i restore him.

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SG Columbia IS-4 Premiere Version 1982, Prototyp ?




cool, love the chain drive!



Its a IS4, Difffrence between this and Mk2 are alloy chassis and radio plate, alloy layshaft holder, belt drive, front ride height adj, mono shocks front and back, servo save supported top and bottom and a few other items

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