Model: (Click to see more) 99990: Event/Action Photos
Status: Runner
Date: 19-Jan-2009
Comments: 2
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Took my Pumkin out for a spin seeing as my son was foolin around with the one a gave him. Replaced the msc with a ESC and must say it makes such a difference with slow running. This is what a Pumkin might look like on a trail so that got me thinking on how to mod something to work as a 4wd on such a short chassis. Anybody with some ideas please let me know. Comments welcome.

Pumkin in the bush 2wd means lots of wheel spin Suspension on this is excellent ARTICULATE!




I think a TLT chassis is pretty much that wheelbase. Nice pictures!



I used to trial my pumpkin, needed 4wd so got a clod and put a 1/10 pumkin body on it

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