Model: (Click to see more) 58011: Ferrari 312T3
Status: New built
Date: 29-Jan-2009
Comments: 5
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I bought this new build car after a t.c. meber let me a message on my 3 other vintage F-1 cars.He said some red would be nice with the blue , yellow , and black off the three other ones.He was absolutely right.




is this my old beauty ?? im sure i recognize this

pcw 064


Iff it is I will put a picture off a good Belgian beer,Cheers



Nice Pocher models in the back ground of the last pic!

pcw 064


Thanks my friend,the right opposite to built compare bo Tamiya,not one piece click in to another.

Fernado Alonso


Very nice I have this and the re release .
Shame that Tamiya didn't have made Michelin tires for this one .
Ferrari never used good year tires for the f312t3.
But still a beauty on the shelf !!!!!!!!! see the video of my F312T3
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