Model: (Click to see more) 99970: R/C Planes & Choppers
Status: Extra info
Date: 5-Feb-2009
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This is my Klemm 35 (Graupner).When I was looking for some family pictures I found this back.It was a pleasant flight on a summerday evening.There was no wind and at 20 PM still 20 c.
I hope we have some of this days this summer...
If I have some positive reactions I can put sometimes new flight pictures of my other planes...




Cool plain, looks very classic.



Great looking model. Brings back memories when my dad crashed a giant P51 Mustang which ran a lawnmower engine.

pcw 064


Thanks for your comments,maybe some technical information.This plane has a wingspan off 2,20M and an OS 120 Four stroke.The full size exist.The 35 spezial is a derivation from the klemm 35.This one was made for acrobaticts.Despite Graupner did this model for only 2 years.You can buy them new any more.I am always happy when I land safely with this plane.I can't say the same with about 11 other planes I had...



Wow looks great Phil! Are you also only allowed to fly on dedicated places in Belgium like in NL or is it in your back yard ?



looks pretty cool!

pcw 064


We normally must fly in rc clubs but I don't like the exessive noise off 2 stroke engines.Some people have also no respect and fly like cowboys.I already loses 2 beautifull planes on collissions and saw a dramatic accident.So I decide to fly in my back yard.I invite my friends who have the same vision on our fabulous hobby.Pleasure and friendship.Cheers and thanks for your reactions.I apreciate.



thats a beautiful plane, love the fourstroke engine.

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