Model: (Click to see more) 99993: Parts
Status: NIB
Date: 6-Feb-2009
Comments: 3
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This is certainely the highest price paid for a piece of unpainted Rodoït.I paid 18,7 €/gram.I had to fight on ebay like a ferous animal and won 1 sec. before the end.
I certainly paid to much but when it arrived my blood starting to cook.What a beauty.I saw this car running at Francorchamps when I was a child.The unique and fantastic colours were so beautifull on this dark cloudy racing day.I realy wanded this car and sorry for the guy who bid against me.If he see this pictures I hope he is not to sad and can enjoy from this pictures.I already bought the special white wheels and I am looking for a new F-103 chassis.If somebody has one give me a sign.I hope you realy enjoy looking this beautifull colours.When I have the chassis I will immediately built this rainbow car.




That's indeed a very nice colorfull F1 body, i was following this also on ebay. I was watching 2 of these bodysets, first one did go arround 100€ but the other one was sold for over 180€ (i think it was you ). But it's indeed a very nice catch. It's even harder to find those white F1 wheels. I'm also looking for this bodyset so i will keep my eyes on ebay in the next future

pcw 064


Thanks for your message,yes it was me and I am not so proud,but no regrets.I found the wheels on ebay in the UK for a much reasonable price, 9 €.This are the original NIB from Tamiya.I hope you will find one soon for a better price (wouln't be difficult).When i get a F-103 chassis I will build this car and put in my showroom.



I have one of these it looks far more interesting than the Ferrari shell nice find mate.

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