Model: (Click to see more) 58051: The Fox
Status: Extra info
Date: 8-Feb-2009
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Traded, 11/03/12 for a oG Sand Scorcher and stuff.

Yesterday a friend of mine said to me 'We have an old rc car under the house, it was used once and put away... Do you want it?'


If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Look what came my way..... :)


pcw 064


Why don't I have such friends...

Crash Cramer


It was under the house in that condition, must have been sealed in a rubber tub of some type. Nice find.

Capt Splatt


You lucky #%#!
I take it I'll see that int he flesh at St Ives? Of course its too pretty to run....?



That's the condition... It was in it's original box (which is tattered beyond salvage), with the antenna unscrewed. I wiped the residual dust off and that's it!. The antenna pole has a layer of surface rust and flat spots on the rear tyres. I think they are returning to shape, though.

Splatt, not a runner (although I'll see if the battery takes a charge and scoot it around the house). But, it let's me run my original Fox without guilt, for sure. It might come for a ride to St.Ives... So you're coming up?.

Yes, it was one of those lucky breaks.

Capt Splatt


Yeah, I'm there and we're racing most of the same classes. Considering the price these things are going for, finding one in that sort of condition is huge.



Great find, amazing there are still treasures out there!



I wish something like that would happen to me *Yes I know - I'm just getting pretty jealous of all those finds people post here* Nice find!

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