Model: (Click to see more) 58204: Blazing Star
Status: Runner
Date: 10-Feb-2009
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This is my favourite racer buggy!

It started life as a TA-02 rally chassis (#58176) with a hard plastic aero-buggy body (Nikko Landshark) and the TA-02 short suspension. Slowly it turned into a DF-01, first the long suspension arms and dogbones, but still the rally dampers and towers, and the shorter TA-02 tub.

On it's third rebuild I used nearly all the DF-01 parts, although it still used the red TA-02 gearboxes and ball differential. The hard plastic body didn't fit the DF-01 chassis so I finally painted up the Blazing Star body. I ran it like this for a few years powered by a 19T, then a 17T, then a 13T, and the battery capacity and discharge rates increased in step with the faster motors as well as gearing changes.

The need for more speed soon took over and in went the Castlecreations MambaMax 5700Kv brushless system. It went fast enough now, but keeping it in one piece became a serious problem, and buying new gearboxes and differentials was starting to get a little expensive... Time for more upgrades...

GPM alloy, Top Force Evo parts, Tamiya DF-03 rear dampers all-round, Tamiya hopups, Full bearings including steering, Thundershot universal driveshafts all aimed at a stronger chassis. I found a solution to the splines in the differentials shearing out, loctite them in there while they are new and no more broken. I noticed the alloy pinions would wear very quickly which inturn would put the mesh out between it and the spur gear and were left with a pile of dust in the bottom of the gearbox. The steel pinion from a DF-02 and few extra ratios from Robinson Racing stopped that from happening. The TA-02 all plastic gearset gets rid of the alloy idler gears which also wear quickly. A gearbox upper brace stops the cover cracking under load.

So now I have a 'Mamba powered Blazing Top Star Force Evo' Hahahaha.

Parts List:

Tamiya #58204 - DF-01 Blazing Star Kit... AU$120.00

Tamiya #49320 - TA-03 Lightweight Aluminium Servo Mounts... AU$19.40

Tamiya #53028 - Thundershot Universal Set... AU$58.00

Tamiya #53028 - Thundershot Universal Set... AU$58.00

Tamiya #53070 - Manta-Ray Ball Differential... AU$54.50

Tamiya #53071 - Manta-Ray Torque Splitter Set... AU$28.00

Tamiya #53078 - Adjustable Upper Arm Set... AU$23.75

Tamiya #53109 - Turnbuckle Shaft Set... AU$26.30

Tamiya #53157 - Aluminium King Pins... AU$9.80

Tamiya #53164 - Hollow Carbon Gear Shaft Set... AU$23.90

Tamiya #53189 - TA-02 Rear Stabaliser Set... AU$27.70

Tamiya #53831 - DT-02 Aluminum Motor Heat Sink... AU$30.50

Tamiya #53926 - DF-03 Alloy Oil Damper Set (Rears only)... AU$45.50

Tamiya #53926 - DF-03 Alloy Oil Damper Set (Rears only)... AU$45.50

Tamiya Top-Force FRP Upper and Lower Main Chassis Plates... AU$90.00

Tamiya Top-Force FRP Front Shock Tower... AU$15.00

Tamiya Top-Force FRP Rear Shock Tower... AU$15.00

Tamiya Top-Force Front Shock Tower Mount... AU$10.00

Tamiya Top-Force 7.2v Battery Holder Set... AU$20.00

Tamiya Top-Force Aluminium Chassis Spacers and Steering Posts... AU$30.00

Tamiya Top-Force Wing Mount... AU$15.00

Tamiya Top-Force Lexan Undercowl... AU$15.00

Tamiya #53086 - Top-Force Star Dish Rear Wheel (Pair)... AU$35.00

Tamiya #53086 - Top-Force Star Dish Rear Wheel (Pair)... AU$35.00

Tamiya #53093 - Top-Force Spike Rear Tyre (Pair)... AU$22.00

Tamiya #53093 - Top-Force Spike Rear Tyre (Pair)... AU$22.00

Tamiya #50529 - 4WD Touring & Rally Car Plastic Gear Set... AU$35.00

GPM DF3010 Clamp Style Drive Hexes (Silver)... AU$9.45

GPM TA2002 Alloy Motor Mount (Blue)... AU$21.40

GPM TA2020 Alloy C-Hub With Bearing (Blue)... AU$35.00

GPM TA1021 Alloy Front Steering Knuckle (Blue)... AU$35.00

GPM TA2022 Alloy Rear Upright Knuckle (Blue)... $35.00

GPM TA2048 Alloy Steering Assembly With Bearing (Blue)... AU$40.00

GPM TA2012 Alloy Front Gearbox Bottom (Blue)... AU$45.00

GPM TA1025M Alloy Main Driveshaft (Silver)... AU$24.70

Custom Antenna Tube And Holder... AU$2.00

Long Brass Ball Ends... AU$7.50

Various Size Titanium Screws... AU$45.00

Bearings (Rubber and Metal sheilded including 8 extra for steering)... AU$55.00

Blue Anodised Wheel Nuts... AU$12.00

HPI 5 Spoke 1.9 Wheel... AU$45.00

Robinson Racing 0.6mm Steel Pinion Set (16T,17T,18T,19T)... AU$28.30

Castlecreations MambaMax CM36s 5700Kv motor... AU$130.00

Futaba S3050 Digital High Torque Metal Gear Standard Servo... AU$80.50

Intellect IP4000 7.4v Hard Case Li-Po 4000mAh 80Amp... AU$97.00

Total... AU$1,677.70

Comments welcome as always :)

Ready for battle! Very hard buggy to get a clear action shot of. Too quick for the camera?

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what a spec,and a great looking me many ideas and a direction for my new df01's.thanks for sharing



i just stopped by to look at your parts list again. this car is motovation for me to get my df01 in order. such an awesome chassis!



Just seen this TA-01 And my mouth fell open.. been trying to fix my TA-01 (Original) and am running into speedbumps constantly (lack of parts, breakage) yet how i love this car.



@hayden9419. This is a DF01 buggy, it shares some similar components to the TA01 tourer chassis.



The number of times I look at this as the reference point for DF-01 upgrades is silly, but it's by far the most developed example on the forum, if not globally. Who cares about the cost, you are enjoying the investment which is afr better than an expensive display model

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