Model: (Click to see more) 99990: Event/Action Photos
Status: Runner
Date: 10-Feb-2009
Comments: 7
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Some shots of my son Neo with his 'highly' modified Pumpkin. LOL. I'm really starting to think I must get that HUGE motor of the bonnet. If only Neo would fall for that. He had a blast because there wasn't really anything that he could run into but he still managed to break both the rear 'welded on' body mounts. Some super glue later and he was back in bussiness.

Hey Dad did you see it jump!! Looks like Lumpty Dumpty Almost ran me over... So much beach to cover Vrrrooooommmm! 350 to 400m of wide open beach Under.... And almost over... If only that lump was gone.... ARTICULATE!!! or not....

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Beach, beach, beach..........




Wow, those are great shots and what a wonderful place!!!



Yep, you're son is definately a better driver than you ... I like the colour of the sky on these pics!



Nice one Henk looks like your boy was having great fun. Great beach too. Wheres that. Near Durban???



nice shots Henk, man that looks like a fun spot to drive!



nice pics looks like great fun! btw - did it rain this day? (many dark clouds around)



Look like a sahara wheir you driving, great action pics.



Micheal, yes we had rain that day. And the next. Lucky us, the temperatures were aweful some days. 40+ degrees with 100+ humidity!! Seth we had a blast!! Jeffy it is about 200km north of Durban. Funny it is the same place I drove on a beach with my first 4x4 way back in 1996.

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