Model: (Click to see more) 58034: Super Champ
Status: Restored
Date: 6-Apr-2003
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I have developed a weakness for Super Champs - they make a nice change from the usual SS style chassis'. This one came from ebay and was reay to run with the correct period radio gear. Unusually one of the rear wishbones was broken, the first broken one I've seen. The shell is very good.

Generally it appears to have been looked after over the years but is missing the front bumper - as usual Where do all the SRB bumpers go?! Is there some enormous pile of the things sitting somewhere in the world? I only ask because whenever I've bought a SRB there's never one one it!

A little bit of polishing and money and this will ready for a hard life on display

Champ number 2 Ready to run

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