Model: (Click to see more) 99950: Tamiya Static Kit.
Status: New built
Date: 19-Feb-2009
Comments: 4
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This is the first one of these I've detail painted. Heaps more to go and I have very sore eyes already from painting under the 10x magnifying glass.

This one has been painted special in my Brother In-law's racing scheme and is a gift for him (and there's a little joke to it as well, LOL).

**EDIT: The Bro Inlaw loved it (as I knew he would... it's green). Sitting on display on top of his PC. :D Just need to build him the full size version now with all the same mods I've done to the Grasshopper.

Thanks for looking, Comments welcome as always. :)

Look Out!!!! A giant Tamiya wrench!!!!

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Wow, now that's small. Ok, so here's the weird part...if you look at the straight on shot you took, you can see that the back fin thingy tilts a little bit to one side...well my real Hornet does that in the same amount on the same side. I was just staring at my Hornet 1/10 today for awhile and noticed that, and now I see yours doing the same. Kinda weird I guess...
Oh yeah, and great paint job!



Neat, I like that a lot.

Crash Cramer


Well there is my missing key chain idea. Now I will have to find a spare wrench to drill a hole into. Nice work, my eyes hurt staring at it so long.



cute little car, love the 'Green Hornet', I think I know what color to paint my spare body now

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