Model: (Click to see more) 58052: Newman Porsche 956 RM.Mk.7
Status: Project
Date: 19-Feb-2009
Comments: 4
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Got this car from tamiya member paul for a real fair price. It was including a new sticker set and a pair of new front wheels/tires.The body has no cracks but there was a lot of old yellow color on the body.It took some hours to remove the color but now its all gone :). Disassembled the whole car and gave it a nice cleaning. I replaced the rear axle, the diff and the pinion gear because i had some new parts laying arround. Got also a pair of new rear wheels from tamiya member Steward...thanks a lot :). When i have more time i will paint it the Newman style. Maybe i make a Senna version. Its just a few decals that where changed at Joest Racing to the Senna car from Nürburgring 1984. Maybe i can print them by myself.

thats how the car arrived a nice pic from the tamiyabase site

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it looks really good!



Fabulous project. Wish it was mine



Nice. How did you remove the paint?



Very nice project, It will be a nice car once completed thats for sure.

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