Model: (Click to see more) 58051: The Fox
Status: Runner
Date: 22-Feb-2009
Comments: 16
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Just adding my Fox back to the showroom.

It's not perfect, but it's a definate improvement on the pile of junk I bought from ebay and it is destined to be a runner so it's condition is now mechanically 'good'.

Cost me an extra $257 to replace all what was broken from when I originally received the buggy. Only hopups from standard is the Tamiya front swaybar (Shoulda been standard) and a TEU101BK ESC. I still need to get a 'Z-Parts' Driver sprue to complete it.

The original light blue house paint was stripped with Mr Muscle oven cleaner (It didn't make the lexan foggy). The body cracks were glued and sanded then on went my usual special mix yellow.

I'd purchased a new set of decals from 'Tamiya RC' on ebay (though they weren't really new with a pinhole in the wing decal and stains over the rest). The new decals were only useful to scan, repair and reprint, so while I was in the art program I also edited, changing the pink strip to red, made the blue stripes much darker and the obvious #11 race number. Also added my 'Roadrunner' sticker to the decal sheet to complete the custom decals. The repro decals are waterproof and printed on white vinyl, they don't like to stretch around body contours like a 'real' decal however, so rather time consuming to apply. The only decal I'm not happy with is the window mesh which was applied very crooked by the previous owner (I didn't remove it when I stripped as I knew I would not be able to print a replacement on clear).

The 8 new suspension arms were hit with some 'Liquid Chrome' spray which turned out more like aluminium. The chrome springs were dipped in Tamiya clear blue and the swaybar in Tamiya clear red. The white lettering on the tyres is done in flat white enamel (special paint mix) using a 000 brush (hard task when the tyres are used).

It's seen much use since restoring and still running strong on the stock motor and TEU-101BK.

** UPDATE: It has a driver fitted now and the TEU-101BK and silvercan is gone. Replaced with... you guessed it... a 4600Kv and E-Maxx 14T 32dp steel pinion. I'm nuts... I know... It's all fun :P

Hope you all like it, comments welcome as usual :)

Boxart pose! There's something about this angle that looks good

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Foxy Action




Nice looking Fox.



Wow, best looking Fox on TC, IMO! The yellow really suits it and the mods make it unique! Great job and again in my Fav's.

Crash Cramer


Still gorgeous, glad it gets run and hope I get my runner up soon.



Great custom job on the restore! How did you get the blue on the springs to keep from cracking off?



The Tamiya clear paint probably will crack off eventually, hasn't started yet. Only thing that is loosing paint is the nerf bar from being sand blasted from the wheels. When it looks too scrappy again I'll re-do the whole car over.

wannabe scorcher


l had a fox years ago and it was one off the best cars l raced on the track' so smooth! but it did not look as good as this sexy fox!



It will be the 4600Kv motor and I need a steel or brass 14T pinion. The alloy ones are gone in no time taking out the spur with them.



very nice like the silver parts and the fox looks good in yellow



Thanks for adding this to my Fox SIG. I took a look at this Fox a while ago and loved it. Great looking car!!



Love the addition of the 4600kv and Emaxx pinion. You're not nuts...blow the doors off it and have fun!!



Thats got to be the best looking Fox ive seen ,cool.



Love the colour scheme, so much so that I'm gonna rip it off, lol. Any chance you'd do another run of decals? I have some unused originals, but would like red instead of the usual blue just for something different



The decals are not of a saleable quality, just ink jet prints on white vinyl. WillyChang is the one to see about decals. He can do them on clear and real silver metallic instead of splotchy grey.



Great looking fox bud. We need some action shots.



@BadWagon: Click the 'Foxy Action' link at the bottom.



and done. Great Action shots.

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