Model: (Click to see more) 99985: Yokomo
Status: Project
Date: 23-Feb-2009
Comments: 5
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Just got this from a local club member. It's an ex-team drivers Works 91, originally run by Jimbo Pearson, fitted with all the parts developed by CML for the team drivers. Changes are the following custom made parts for the team drivers: short front wishbones with Optima knuckles and C hubs, machined nylon front gearbox, front shock mount, top deck, steering pivot brace, heatsink motor mount, custom layshaft adapted to fit Associated Stealth slipper clutch parts, 3mm belts and an adjustable tension one way to vary brake bias. A lot of these parts ended up being included in the works 93

It came with the Losi Hard Body shocks fitted as seen in the photos. The Associated factory team shocks that were originally fitted were included, unfortunately they are missing the shock caps but not too hard to get hold of.

The awkward parts of restoring this will be finding a Works 91 body and more awkwardly replacing the custom machined adaptor to fit the stealth slipper to the rear belt pulley, it's not fitted because the soft aluminium pulley has worn out. It should be made easier as the part was later included as a Yokomo part in the works 93, part number ZC671 if anyone has a spare, although it would be nice to reproduce the original part.

Got a big box of new and used spares included with it so most of the restoration should be easy.

The familiar low slung body Many differences compared to the standard Works 91 Team Yokomo custom front suspension heatsink motor/layshaft mount Custom top deck with custom mounts Steering pivot brace, machined gearbox But with standard Works 91 rear end




Nice, its got potential...check out mrlexan on US ebay, he does a Pavadis works 91 shell. Not cheap but they're available


I know about Jays Pavadis shell, but it's a different shape and I prefer to hang on for a Works 91 body or clean up this one.



Neat buggy, I really like that paintwork, took a bit of time to do that I reckon.



Definitely some Miami Vice influence going on there!



Great example of a rare car/conversion. Paint looks similar to a deisgn Jim 'Jimbo' Pearson used to run on his own car in the early 90's.

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