Model: (Click to see more) 58242: Wild Willy 2
Status: Runner
Date: 24-Feb-2009
Comments: 16
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I've done a bit of work on my runner Speed Willy project. This time trying to make it a bit more scale looking, trying out some new wheels and tires - as weel as some new shocks.

The wheels are alu Landie wheels from RC4WD, that is made for 4WD cars, with 12mm hex mounts. So I needed to drill to the new wheels (at the same time making them useless for 4x4 cars) - I had one extra wheel, so doing some test on this before I start on the last one (this mod is only needed for the front wheels).

I use some cutstom made wheel adapters and drive shafts in the back - making the width of the rears wheels a lillte wider and stable. If I want, I can switch back to stock set up, and bring in the wheels more for an even scaler look, but this will compromise the stability of the car, as the tires are a lot more narrow than the Yokohamas and stock ones. Up front I use some some WW1 flanged shims/bearings to accommodate the new use of this hex wheel. Need to order some more bearings, and do some more work to the hex mount to fit the inner bearing better.

The shocks are some oil shocks I rebuilt from various damper kits I have, and I removed the anodizing with castic soda, as I like 'em so much better in the alu color.I also cut a little of the body (excess plastic, not needed anyway) to lower the body a little.

This is not done yet, but I like the way it looks now.


TC member Chain Driven taught me something yesterday, about using uprights and front axles parts from a M-04 kit on the WW2. This ensures that I can run hex wheels in the front, without actually drill the wheels, making them useless for what they were ment for.

I have drilled one wheel, but I always buy sets of 5 (need a matching spare wheel right?) - so it doesn't matter much.

I ordered the needed parts from Stella yesterday, sp looking forward to getting them, and rebuild the front - so I can run it.

I've never built an on-road Tamiya before, so these parts where new to me - thanks for the heads up Chain Driven, before I ruined more wheels :)

UPDATE 22.03.2012

I've fitted one of Toykids exellent custom made vertical slotted grills and a MK1 window with hindges. The re-inforced grille is very good and looks like the original. It is very well made and is a lot tougher. I only had to make a very minor adjustment to the back of it, in order to fit the radiator, the rest is bolt on.

2 1 Toykids custom reinforced vertical grill. A+++ 1 2 original WW2 grill

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That is nice!



Very cool Willy, love the wheels and tires!



It's funny because I want the Wild Willy 2 but I don't like the tires it comes with. If or when I get mine, I'm definitely going to find some other tires to throw on it. Your tires look just about perfect!

Chain Driven


Nice ! I came to the same conclusion: [Click here]



That's cool! The wheelbase looks so short, but those wheels look so much better on the car than the originals. Aludampers blends in nice too.



great wheel and tire choice!!! i saw those landie wheels on rc4wd, its amazing how you changed the proportions just by lowering the body, great work as always!!!



simen, I forgot to ask, which tires are those? the wheels are 1.9 right?



They are 1.9 Rock Crushers from rc4wd also. THey are higher than most other 1.9s. Great wheel/tire combo for any car with a 'old' look IMO - now I need a new set for my a hard body XC01 FJ40 project I'm building.



Looks great Simen, Those look fairly close to the steel 16' 5 lug wheels on my 1:1 47 Jeep



I will do some new Partners in Crime shots of this and the WW1 version to compare the proportion resemblance - it's pretty much close now.



It's a shame that Tamiya doesn't standardise its wheel fixings, it would make it a lot easier to replace the wheels. Good work, much prefer the white wheels than the shiny silver on the standard WW2. Have you ever tried fitting WW1 wheels on to a WW2 chassis?



Nope never tried that, but I will try making something a little more standard (wheel wise) fit the WW1. I have played around with other wheels on the WW2, to make it look more like the original gansta' - check out the Willy Speed Project link below the last pic here.



love them wheels



Brilliant, now why didn't I think of that.



I think your ww2 looks ace, bang on in fact. Aside from the wheels and tyres what have you done to it? Have you worked out how to space the wheels out at the rear? How did you end up modding the front wheels to fit? Great work!



Aded one of Toykids exellent re-inforced vertical grills, and a Mk1 window with hindges.

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