Model: (Click to see more) 58015: Rough Rider
Status: Project
Date: 6-Mar-2009
Comments: 8
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Fancied a crack at restoring one of these for sometime. It's my first one so be gentle! Acquired fairly cheaply from the usual online auction source it seems to be fairly complete and in good condition, its basically been sat on someones garage shelf for the last 25 years or so and needs bringing back to life.

Obviously a Rough Rider chassis looking at the shell mounting points etc (no shell with it), has a moulded black bumper rather than the usual cream coloured one, is this of significance? the center of one of the rear wheels is missing although I fancy some of those radd22's! any advice before I strip this one would be welcome!




Very important not to throw or break anything. From what little I can see in your picks thats a Mk1 - Correct Frot Uprights, Correct Gear Box, Correct Rear Arms, cant see the fronts well enough and pf course the black bumper although it may be fake. You should move over to the forums take some more pics and you will be able to have a stunner in no time at all.

BTW the radio is ita an ap 227 mk1 or mk11?



Jez that looks great...

You ARE going to run that thing, aren't you ?

I reckon it's spent long enough on a shelf !



Nice find you got there.! Original black bumper and from what I can see this is a MKI version..early production ..So either an RR or SS..You can read about the differences at the forum.!! Only the black bumper will cost a fortune to buy even used...! Radd22 alloys are a must.Have fun with it..!!

caddy shack


Looks a great find jezza, black bumper whooooooo, enjoy the resto



Wow, nice find!
As others probably have pointed out, its a Mk.I version, hence the bumper and other details. BTW, you have to click on 'add' under the comments to make them visible for others!

Jez Thain


Thanks for all your comments so far! I'll have to take some more detailed pics today and get them on the forum, i'll check that out anyway to learn a bit more about what i've managed to buy! Will probably make a start taking it to bits soon to asses what bits i'll need to source. A body to restore will be first up.... at least decals won't be a problem! has anyone out there used mine on a rough rider/scorcher yet?? screenprintdigital on Ebay

Jez Thain


.... thanks for the tip Dante, can't believe I hadn't sussed that out! doh

Liams Vintage Tamiyas


i only use your decals, they are the best i've seen so far, as you know i buy a few off you. Liam

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