Model: (Click to see more) 58015: Rough Rider
Status: Project
Date: 18-Mar-2009
Comments: 7
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At last. after what seemed like a good idea, lots and lots of work, time and money i have finished my front bumper and rear cages for my rough rider. i never did like the original, and now being in the fortunate position of now having the skills, and access to the facilities I have made them. they are both cast in solid aluminium, and i am very pleased with the result to say the least. i will post separately the images of the parts, and a few of the manufacturing process. I have of course made a few extra, which i will trickle through as I get time to finish and polish them. I hope you like them. Mmmmmmmm time for some paint i think.....




Awesome work!! Please put me on the list for a set. I'm a sucker for custom fabricated parts



Very, very cool! I agree that the original bumper doesn't look very good... These seem very nice though And the rear cage looks incredible!



well done, looks very sharp!

mighty peesh


Thanks for the comments, the sand scorcherites shoud'nt get all the shiney stuff!!!!!



They look great . the front end is well protected . is their enough space in the center for a pair of spots ? . any thoughs about the costs !!!!

Road Burner


The rear cage looks perfect! Very nice!



Whoa!!! These are AMAZING!!!
Excellent work sir, any spares up for sale??

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