Model: (Click to see more) 58204: Blazing Star
Status: Runner
Date: 21-Mar-2009
Comments: 5
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This is my boxart Blazing Star. The best looking body of the DF-01 range IMO. No bling, just the must have upgrades.

GPM Alloy 16T-21T motor mount.

TA-02 Plastic Gearset.

Full bearing set.

Robinson Racing 19T steel pinion RRP1119.

HPI rims (I think)... The Celica wheels look terrible on a buggy.

Currently running a Tamiya 27T Dirt Tuned and TEU101BK ESC on 7.2v Ni-Cd.

It's usually piloted by my #3 son, Adam.

This buggy has been re-added to the showroom. Comments welcome as always.


Crash Cramer


So when did they start calling the TA01 chassis a DF01 exactly??? Could this possibly be the first one to be called DF01?? Thanks for adding it again, not many of these.



Rims make it look much better Mark! Nice work



I must agree, The Celica Rally rim doesn't quite look right on a 4WD buggy. Best looking wheel I've seen fitted to Blazing Star is the Pajero plated wheel with the white lettering on the tyre too.



That's not box-art ( wrong wheels ! ) though it's definitely the best-looking body...

I have one of those, too - though mine has 'white suspension bling' - and white Celica wheels as per the kit, which I think look MUCH better !

Co-incidentally, I have also a #3 son called Adam !

Lovely model...

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