Model: (Click to see more) 58221: Baja Champ
Status: Runner
Date: 22-Mar-2009
Comments: 6
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I was given a very busted up Baja Champ chassis. To repair it I couldn't go past the $0.99 HBX clone buggy for parts. The HBX 'hop ups' actually improve the chassis from original.

It will get an original body one day and replace the HBX blob.

Currently running a Tamiya 27T Dirt Tuned with Robinson Racing 19T steel pinion and TEU101BK ESC on 7.2v Ni-Cd.

This TL-01b is usually piloted by my #4 son, Jarrod. He's still learning to drive somewhat.

**UPDATE 30/03/09: I bought a NIB to finally restore the busted one back to it's former glory and a REAL BC BODY. After adding up the price of parts it was cheaper to get a NIB. (Pic 9 & 10)

Comments welcome as always. :)

Looks much better with a real BC body. The old HBX body blob. You think he likes it?




Nice job, Looks fun to drive



well it's no beauty for sure, but you took some nice action pics!

rizzo rat


Cool action shots.



cool pictures!

Mighty flex


Are the HBX wheels and tyres any good?
i dont think my parents would approve if i made a track in their garden, but yours looks soooooo coool!



These HBX tyres pictured are some of the slipperiest tyres I've ever driven on. The rims and tyres are unique and regular tyres don't fit the rims. It's currently running the Top Force spire spikes from the new kit in the last 2 pictures, these offer heaps of grip.

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