Model: (Click to see more) 99997: Marui
Status: Project
Date: 28-Mar-2009
Comments: 6
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I get a Big Bear off from ebay - complete and fully ridable - so I give it a try. Horror!! Maybe when this car came out in the 80´th it was state of the art, but today we have so much nice tuning parts like oil dampers, so I thought I´ll give it a try and 'update' the chassis to make it really ridable.

First, all Marui monster chassis owners will know what I´m talking about, the front tires rub, when steering left or right, to the battery compartment.
The battery lies flat in the compartment so I tilt it to the small side and glue some PS material in front of the battery. Then I saw the chassis compartment away and glue some more PS material in place.

Next I build some front damper stays out of Styren and epoxy glued them to the chassis.

The front suspension build up to give space for some ballconectors.

I will use in the front

Tamiya CVA Super Mini Shock Unit (50746)

and for the back

Tamiya CVA Mini Shock Unit Set II (50519)

More pictures soon when I find the time to make them - chassis is already painted black.

Hope you like my idea.




Really nice mods, looks very promising. I like it when the vintage cars are slightly updated without totally changing the construction of the car. And when painted black you tuned chassis will look like an classy tuning part.



Cool idea, that should solve some of the chassis's many weaknesses!keep us posted with the improvements as they happen.



nice work on the chassis.



Cool ideas, but the chassis going to hold very strong where you glued the new battery compartment?



I was wondering what kind of glue you've used exactly. I have a Big Bear and Hunter chassis both in need of some work like this (melted and cracked parts) and this might save them. Thank you in advance



Hi Tizer,

I used two different clue. First I glued all parts with 'Patex Blitz Plastik', a two component glue. You have a primmer in a pencil like form to prepare the underground and then you have a glue like CA glue to glue parts together.

For strength I also use some two component epoxy glue after than. Hope it helps.

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