Model: 99961: HPI
Status: Runner
Date: 31-Mar-2009
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This is my HPI Savage 25 LE 3 Speed.

It gets some serious abuse unlike my Tamiyas.

It's pretty much the stock RTR truck. Only upgrade is a 6.0v humpack to get that much needed power in the steering and brakes.

Only parts that have broken are the one-way drive hex in the roto-starter on the backplate of the engine (twice), a split in three dampers where the factory tore them from the sprue sheet instead of cutting them (blob of superglue over the hole fixes it for a while) and some cracks and dents in the polycarb body.

It's had over 50ltrs of 25% Nitro run through it to date and still hammers like it was just run in.

Some of the crashes and rollovers I've had with this thing are amazing and it just keeps on ticking. Like 50km/h down the road into a table drain and then sail through the air into a cartwheel and eventually coming to a halt, or jumping over the car or your head off a 3 foot ramp. The wife pulled me up when I lined the jump up at the house. LOL!

Suspension is great, you can drop it from eye level and it doesn't bottom out. Sadly the Savage has more total 'air time' than my RC parkflyer P51d, and doesn't break when it crashes.

When (If) this 25 engine ever wears out I'll fit the OS30VG I have waiting for it and splash a bit of GPM alloy in critical places too. It needs a new body. The Pro-Line Baja Beetle would go real nice.

This truck has been re-added to my showroom. Comments welcome.

Straight after a run. Photo from my old digital camera. Squashing the RS4 Evo3 Rippin' up the grass. Some big air!! HPI's optional 'hovercraft' hopup :P

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