Model: (Click to see more) 57701: RTR Pajero Rally Sports (CC)
Status: Runner
Date: 12-Apr-2003
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Not NIB anymore....However since the Pajero XB is discontinued I decided yo save the body for when I retire this model and its shelf queen days as I like to retire my models exactly as they were when purchased. For now, I
run the PARMA lexan BLACKFOOT body which i painted in Tamiya's COMPETITION ORANGE for a retro look. Having second thoughts but too late. Not exactly what i had hoped but it is a runner so not really important. Some decals will be added on, nothing flashy just the subtle logo here or there. Locked the differential (without it being permanent like JB Weld) using G parts from Metal Top. Has a 55t Integy Lathe motor, working on styrene roof rack for more off-road look. HPI stock car wheels are on the way. Hand made shovel and axe are almost done. Finally some Jerry cans from XR-311 will be added, after they're painted and weathered.

Almost there At a local construction site recently Climbing, climbing Slow and Steady King of the Hill Twists and Turns When new - Fresh Paint

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