Model: (Click to see more) 58080: Astute
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Date: 4-Apr-2009
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My 1991 RRC Works Astute has been transformed into this. Having been unable to locate a local club running a vintage class I decided to evolve my 'Works Astute' with a number of post 1990 modifications including :-

TTC, SA chassis, front bulkhead brace, wheels and battery boxes, DF03 3Racing shocks running Tamiya white tuning springs and an LRP Sphere/Vortex 7.5 brushless combo powerd by TracPower 4900 LiPo cells.

I am just about to send the shell away to have a 90's paint scheme applied and then I'll be off to the local club to mix it with the B4s LOL :-)

If it performs well I will upgrade it with a full Fibre-Lyte kit and run it for the foreseeable future, if it struggles I will replace it when/if a new Tamiya 2WD TRF arrives.

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The Hobbymaster


I ran a Super Astute for a couple of years as a club racer and have to say it was great fun and able to run with more modern cars. Its a great buggy and its one I would like to see re-re by Tamiya. your power set up will push the tranny to its limits lol. thanks for showing it off to TC. cheers Ian



Looks sweet to me mate. How does the TTC handly the power? Brushless / lipo combo!!



I'm hoping the TTC will be man enough to stand up to the job, however it hasn't run yet (I've got a few spare gear and clutch sets ). I will update this showroom entry on performance and durability.



Looks nice, go kick some B4 ass



Great job....loooove it! Looks so sweet and ready to kick some B4 #$%. I'm thinking of doing something similar for the VONATS here in the NE, USA since I was given a used Astute for free a few years ago that is awaiting resto.

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