Model: (Click to see more) 58344: Desert Gator
Status: New built
Date: 11-Apr-2009
Comments: 2
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And this one won't remain one for long.

After seeing Il Maligno's RR-01 I knew I had finally found the solution for a rwd touring car chassis.

Oscar was kind enough to share the details of how he had converted his. It involves parts from three other cars (apart from the base DT-02), but is quite straight forward. Good thing that Tamiya's parts are so interchangeable. No cutting or drilling needed.

The appropriate Carson Opel Manta 400 body is already painted, just needs body holes drilled.




Very interesting, Its going to be a real handfull to drive.



It probably will, but it wouldn't be any fun otherwise. I grew up with SRBs, Hornets etc. so I prefer RWD actually.

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