Model: (Click to see more) 49496: 4WD Off Road Racer DF-03MS
Status: Runner
Date: 16-Apr-2009
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After months of learning about ball diffs, slipper clutches, camber, caster, and toe-in, I finally have a DF-03 MS runner! There is nothing special about it as all hop-ups are included. I am running a Tazer 12T ESC and Komodo Dragon 19T. In terms of the color/decals, the box art for the DF-03MS is hideous!

I kinda made this up with some old carved up DF-02 decals and random decals from old cars and sheets. My wife (who paints all my cars) thought that the windows were going to be covered, so she painted them (oops). Anyway, I m not that happy with it, but it will work for now.

One interesting thing to point out is that the yellow stripe up the sides of the chassis is waste from the DF-02 decals! There was 1/8 inch left over from where the factory machine cut the decals. I used this strip to add some flare.

I used the DF-02 box art (and a razor blade). I cut some of the 'flames' off the DF-02 stickers. TRF Shocks don't match, but they are incredible! I need to do something with the front windshield.

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