Model: (Click to see more) 58052: Newman Porsche 956 RM.Mk.7
Status: Restored
Date: 28-Apr-2009
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This is the actual status of the 'Senna 956 Nürburg Ring' project. It was 1984 when Stefan Johansson, Henry Pescarolo and Ayrton Senna were racing the Joest/Newman 956 Porsche (Type-935 2.6 L Turbo Flat-6) at the Nürburgring or better the'Eifelring' circuit. The 3 guys landet at the 1000km race finally at position 8. The first position at that race made the famous Stefan Bellof together with Derek Bell in the Rothmanns 956. I still need to figure out how to print the additional stickers that i need. I,m not so happy with the white decals that i applied. It was very difficult and even if they looked smooth and good applied after one or two hours they start to wrinkle. Im now in the USA for 5 month so i can not continue with the project. Will be interesting how the decals look when i return home end of july. If somebody is selling one of the original Newman decals please let me know. There are some decals different to my hop up decal sheet. I would need these stickers for the Senna Porsche. I'm not sure what type of helmet Senna had at the Nürnburgring race because i could not find any pictures . So i decided to use a full integral helmet and painted the driver like it is at the minichamps model of the car. Simply white.

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
maybe a Senna project :) ?




Is that the one you got from me? It looks really good!!



it looks empty without lights but nice none the less...



Hey Andersop yes it is thanks alot again. I put in some new parts that i had so the chassis looks like new now. It was my personel birthday present for me. I left the lights clear because im not sure yet what to to with them. Would be nice to find some lexan parts to make em more realistic instead of paint them just black.



Hi, you've made a very nice example of that Newman Porsche. You are right. A few days ago I finished a Newman Porsche too. Putting on the decals is quite difficult...and they started to wrinkle too. I think in total there a about 70 pieces? I will soon put my Newman Porsche in my showroom.

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