Model: (Click to see more) 49496: 4WD Off Road Racer DF-03MS
Status: Extra info
Date: 3-May-2009
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I really enjoy driving my stock Dark Impact but decided I needed something with a bit more pep. Although the MS comes with a truckload of hop-ups I have also added the special edition blue motor plate, blue centre driveshaft, smoke gear cover and fitted steel front diff outdrives to the rear diff. Have also removed the centre oneway and fitted a oneway diff instead. Will eventually be fitted with an EZrun brushless and a lipo - just have to do it after driving Chris's (m0tohed's) Df-03 with this set-up :)

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Looks great - is it as hard as it looks to paint and decal the MS?



The painting is easy but yeah the decals are a bit tricky. Luckily the newer tamiya decals (as opposed to vintage ones) have very good adhesive and are stretchy so it's easier to apply them around corners.



Box Art looks great nice end result ,Excellent job



Yeah I too like the boxart but I'll definately paint up another body as a runner.

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