Model: (Click to see more) 58038: Subaru Brat
Status: Runner
Date: 15-May-2009
Comments: 9
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I always fancied a brat ! So I decided to do somthing about it. I have had a frog but I did not get chance to run it and I prefer the hard shells anyway for the scale looks. I traded this for one of my blackfoot projects I had. I got it in a really easy and pleasant deal with Regressing (Many thanks Anthony) over the easter period. It arrived just in time for the NWN first beach bash of the year. A nice surprise was the fact it had new universal jointed driveshafts, full frog oil shocks and was ballraced. The paint job looks good at a distance and is fine for a basher but being me I will strip it and do a full resto and mod the rear bed for strenth (the achilles heal of the brat shell) What a blast to drive! we had 3 brats running together on the beach and its handling and speed from the basic silver can was brilliant. I'am well sold on the brat, it goes really well and has a scale shell too. What more could a guy ask for. Well chuffed ! I will never do without a brat again. If my Falcon had a face it would be looking really despondant and rejected now. P.S thats genuine ainsdale sand and mud sprayed up the sides :)

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Like my Blackfoot, Restored to run :)




Love the color combo! Nice wheels on the Pajero in the background too!




tuff bug


Looks really cool!



Nice looking Brat in that color, and that driver looks cool!



nice ride mate, need to get my finger out and build mine!



Nice to see the brat dirty. The shell is as I got it apart from the rear bed. I couldn't locate my kango at the time to remove the paint on it so it stayed like that. The UJ's make all the difference in reducing the power loss in transmission. Enjoy it to the max.



sweet retro ride,love the scheme my friendo !!!!!
brats rule will have to take mine out for a blast with you soon



Ill hold you to that Tris



very nice paintjob on that one!

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