Model: (Click to see more) 88887: Any Tamiya RC Model not listed.
Status: Runner
Date: 16-May-2009
Comments: 10
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I got this TL01 given to me as a flogged out WRX kit. After years of mini racing I has a load of M03 parts hanging around so I set about building my own 4x4 Tamiya Mini. The chassis was shortened to 210mm by cutting out a section between the battery and the motor and shortening the shaft. I used a chemical welding agent to weld the plastic back together. This stuff works great on ABS plastics and is easy to use. The chassis has been run hard with no problems. I ran this car as a basher in pretty much stock setup, except shortend with speed tuned gears and M03 arms before I decided to rebuild it and give it a few hopups. I painted the chassis and fitted new speed tuned gears, 21t pinion and a set of 3 racing ball diffs and uni's front and rear. I also fitted a set of CVA super mini dampers and an alloy main shaft. The front damper mount to the front arms on the outer hinge pin. Also has alloy front steering knuckles and toe in rear uprights, fully ball raced running a monster stock motor. I have Hobbywing 9T brushless system that I have just got and am keen to give a run in this. It drives really well, better than the standard TL01. A lot like the M03 but with more pull of corners. Currently has a Northcraft R33 skyline body but I have a new Chevron monster mini body. The body mount line up the same as the M03 so they can share bodies.

Comparison with M03




This is one very cool TL01. I might have to copy this with my TL



Right to my favs!
Love the idea to run a Mini shell on my Tl-01 - maybe I do this conversion too.



really nice job on the chassis mate.



looks great! Can't even see the seem where you put it back together. What kind of glue is it?



Not realy a glue. Its a product called Plastex. It a combination of a liquid and a powder. Not sure what the liquid is but it melts ABS plastic then you use the powder to fill gaps, more liquid melts the powder into original plastic. Repeat process till you build up your weld. Then it can be sanded flat. Makes a very strong join, I used this stuff for years when I used to work in the automotive industry.

flux density


Cool project, the chassis seems to be glued perfectly



top work!



Super work looks factory made .



very very nice work looks nicer than the proper chassis



looks great

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