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Status: Runner
Date: 17-May-2009
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my first non-tamiya rc......bolink funnycar.....i bought this rolling project off ebay so that i could enter an RC dragrace contest being run by some guys over on Volkszone forum.....i put in a novak gt7 esc, a £5 10 turn brushed motor and won the contest with a time of 4.41 seconds over a scale 1/4 mile (40m).....i've since put a 7x1 team orion revolution motor in (another ebay bargain £10!), and i reckon with enough traction and a change of gearing it should be good for at least a 3 1/2 second run....hopefully!

looks the dogs danglies i reckon o-rings for front tyres,spun aluminium wheels. eat my dust! carbon fibre chassisplate lots of nice sponsor stickers painted in some headlights/indicators...

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Bolink little red wagon wheelie truck....Ebay find!


mad maz


top stuff just like the real thing now take it to santa pod and run it down the quarter mile



Afternoon geeza! will this be my Competition at Action then?



Reno....evening dude....yep looking forward to racing you at Action!....this 'might' be the car i use! (i keep dribbling over those pro-mod drag cars available in the states far i've resisted temptation to 'click to buy')....we'll have to see!!

mad maz....cheers!'s already been to santa pod!, that's where the first contest was (we had a scale 1/4 mile though!) next one is at VW Action ,where i need to defend my crown!!

mad maz


Good luck at vw action dude my moneys on you will try and get there myself



aha a mate of mine was at big bang and scored some phone numbers - was it you? - if so let me know and ill build something to race against you at action



i don't think it was me bugjammer...the race is open to anyone just have to be at action...there are a few rules ,such as: 1/10 or 1/12 only, 6 cell electric only (no lipo allowed), 2wd only...and theres a £50 spend limit on the motor.....
full list of rules can be found over on VZI.

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