Model: (Click to see more) 58305: Subaru Impreza WRC 2003
Status: New built
Date: 25-May-2009
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I did not try that hard on the car but I really did my best on the pics!

My aim with this car was to make a good and hard runner to take rally action pics including mud and dust and a lot of speed. Anyway, since Deemiller did his scale rally car and _miga_ build his Monster livery there is not much left to do for a Subaru builder… So I took the easy road and wanted to make it look unique and nice but not more than that.

This is a Tamiya finished body and it is pretty oke, better than I expected. It is not my favourite rally car , a bit modern for my liking, but it is a well-designed iconic and aggressive rally car. This is what I did to it so it looks like this:

1 Re-arranged some of the decals (take off and stick on). I didn’t like the standard livery and now it is a bit more “privateer-like” (these Baumler decals allways give me a feeling of the local clothing shop stepping into sponsoring, just funny)

2 Added some panel lines with a CD marker.

3 Used a hairdryer to get the decals sticking properly and follow the curves. (patience, patience…)

4 Changed the rear spoiler for a modern Mustang spoiler but filed and sanded that one in another shape. The original spoiler is just a bit too much for me.

5 Added rear view mirrors I had lying around from “I don’t know what” car but they suit it.

6 Sprayed the spoiler, mirrors and wheels flat black to get another, bit more rough and unsophisticated, look. Uwe already told me the wheels are not really scale, but I like ‘m too much. They are 1-2 mm higher than standard Tamiya’s and a lot wider. They fill the wheel arches in standard size completely.

7 Made some new body post holes in the rear window for the TA-02 cause the standard ones won’t fit.

At the moment it is just put on an empty chassis. But it will run sometime. I did my very best on this static pics to show how it is like in a matching environment. These pics were taken in 2 days when I took the car and camera with me to work. I made quick stops at parking places and put it somewhere and snapped some shots. This way of working suits me very much: gives me al lot of opportunities (and lots of pics to sort out, lol…)

Anyway, hope you like, or hope you like at least the pictures… ! ;-)

icy still environment rally road, note simple spoiler and side mirror side view nice back, classic sedan style forest rally high tech environment for high tech racer going up over view: such a great colour and shell! my beloved sky: non edited, my favourite

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some very nice pictures there!

ranger blue


great set of pics mate

the green beetle


photo number one is the greatest!!!!
Stunning scooby you got there!!!



You can not beat Dee's Subaru with yours - but it looks also great too - i really like the rear spoiler and the black wheels - it looks like a fine privateer rally racer - pics are very nice, too - i really like the 1st pic



Hey Kees - nice scoobie and the photography's coming on nicely too (although I'm sure the registration plate should read Case1). Anyway, my favourite photography saying is 'If you're not bending your knees you're not stretching your imagination' - looks like you've been getting grubby and the pictures show your effort - great job!



Great serie of pis from a nice rally car. Love the last one with the real dutch sky! But my real favorit is the first one.



Awesome! Love pic 3 man.

Victorious Secret


LOL I like the first pic too! Very luxurious!!



Awesome Kees, it looks real in 4 and 5



Looks Great mate. Great ground clearance. Interesting what you have done with the rear spoiler too. Good Job. By the way if you dont wont the standard spoiler & wing mirrors I'am looking a set for one of mine.

Road Burner


Great stuff my friend! The Subaru Impreza is one of my all-time favorite rally cars, you have captured the essence of the 1/1!



Really nice photos, love the rear wing!



Yo that is well done Kees. I like the wheels even if it's said to be to big. Great photography too.

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