Model: (Click to see more) 58093: Bear Hawk
Status: Runner
Date: 26-May-2009
Comments: 5
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I received this Bear Hawk in the mail today from fellow TC member Olly_Lunchbox. Thanks Olly. :) In a way this is my birthday present... I was given the money to buy a DT02 MS which I missed at auction and this came up very soon after in the TC Forum trades.

I do really like the hard body buggys and the potential they have to look very scale and I have some big plans for this one.

To begin with I will build it up as Mr Tamiya intended although with a TEU-101BK ESC instead of the MSC. After running it a few times I will go to town on it over the next few weeks.

No one should need to ask what colour and what will power it. :P

Olly was kind enough to include a second body for me in great condition. The paint on this body is some of the thickest I've ever seen on an RC body! Not to worry, it will all come off back to bare plastic and fingers crossed it will fit my Top Force chassis'd Blazing Star (won't be much left Blazing Star on it after that).

I can recommend Olly for trades as everything went very smoothly and he was great to deal with.

UPDATE 31-05-09: Have assembled the Bear Hawk as Mr Tamiya intended and given it a few runs. Wow, what a shocker! Bounces all over the place, little to no steering. My Grasshopper handles better! The 'once were' spike tyres didn't help much. Time to make it a beasty now.

The 2nd body that Olly sent me has been stripped and was in perfect condition under the many layers of paint. Not a mark or scratch on it, like it's never been run. It will be getting a good dose of yellow and some custom decals very soon.

All photos are as how I received it. Comments always welcome.

Boxart pose! Early evening so things are a touch dark.




YAY got it mate awesome looking buggy lots of potential there ......Yup no contest on the colour choice TA-Mark Yellow ?? .Looks great mate glad you got it now you got something else to work on

Victorious Secret


WOW The Bear Hawk looks really great! Espeically the side profile have a large panels for potential graphic designs... cant wait to see the new artwork!



Looking forward to see what you do with it Mark - mad to think how far its probably travelled in its life!



Always good to have at least one Bear Hawk!



Nice, and I see your wheels are also run smooth. So of you go and keep us up to date on the mods.

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