Model: (Click to see more) 49459: Lunchbox gold edition
Status: Runner
Date: 29-May-2009
Comments: 7
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I have finally got round to foaming up my Lunchbox. After seeing how much better Evomans box goes with foams in it had to be done. With the Tamiyaclub off road championship coming up in September and knowing the Lunchbox/Pumpkin racing is always a laugh I thought I'd foam up now..........These Proline foams are ace. Excellent fit, would recomend them to foamers.

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Awesome - Do you know if they do foams for a Clod ??

Crash Cramer


Man, that looks sweet.



I traded my lunch box after just a few weeks as I consdered it to much of a toy. Do the foams and oil shocks make it a bit more dynamic then?.



What Proline part number is that I cant quite make it out? Also like to hear what noticeable difference they make? Anything to make a 'Box better is good with me



Foams are a huge improvement. Stops nearly all of the tyre bounce. If you use high rpm brushless I recommend material tape stuck to the inside of the tyre too, it's helps with the ballooning @ 35mph.

super gripper


For skip665:- Proline duel inserts PL6194 I got them from modelsport. They do make a big difference. Stops most of the bounce and increases run time and stops the tyre coming off the rim.
Davecat:- the oil shocks and foams turns the box for a 'toy' as you say and into a more drivable fun machine!
Rallybaz:- have a look at modelsports web site as I think they do........give them a ring and ask.



This is one of the first things i did to my box, fitting the foams as i have done with all my racing trucks improves the truck no end and makes it a better drive.

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