Model: (Click to see more) 49475: DT-02 MS
Status: Runner
Date: 6-Jun-2009
Comments: 3
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I missed out on one of these on ebay recently then found this one on Jasons store for a good price as it had a damaged box. Nice easy build, the shocks are some of the smoothest ive ever felt. Had it's first run today with a Hobbywing 13T brushless system fitted. I was worred it might be over geared but with the 17 tooth pinion the motor on got warm. Although it is fast with the 13T next run i'm going to put in a 9T. The DT-02 seems pretty tough, I was running it on some rough ground and made it cartwheel at high speed a few time with no breakages. So far i'm liking this little buggy.




Looks really good with the different wheels on it; re. picture no.4, is that a carbon chassis protector?



The chassis protector is a carbon look stickon vinyl that I use on the bottom of most of my cars. I get it from a local motorbike shop as I also use it to protect parts on my dirtbikes. The stuff is about 1mm thick and if you use a bit of heat when applied sticks like sh#t.



Nice Buggy mate ...So this is what they look like built huh .You made it do cartwheels already >does the stare thing .Iam glad you ended up with one mate looks great built seems like it has some power as well .Iam glad we all ended up with one

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