Model: (Click to see more) 58065: Clod Buster
Status: NIB
Date: 7-Jun-2009
Comments: 5
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When I was 12 year old and I saw for the first time the box my imagination went wild.The box was on the top off the shell so I couldn't have a look inside.
I drove a grashopper and was dreaming about how big this car must be with such a box.
22 years later I had the opportunity to have one so it was an unique moment to open this box.And what a surprize.Even 22 years later I am impressed from the size off this tires.Now I am dreaming about how the car must be once build with such tires.I never saw one build in real so the phantasm stays intact.I don't know If I want to break the mistery and builld this 'house off power' .
Don't hesitate to give me some good arguments.




I can hear it now saying 'Drive me, drive me!! I long to be taken out of this cardboard prison and see the light!!'



if this is the one with chevvy grill dont build, grap an super clud buster of the chrome edition, build that and race this is an vintage one...real was my first tamiya, and swapped it for an nitro-RC...STUPID from me huh...stil wont one back now



I still remeber I got this when I was a kid from a hobby shop that just got their 1st example in the store when it just hit the market. I tied the enourmous box to my back and ride 12 miles back home on my bike. The tires is huge and nobody has seen it as this big on a R/C truck before as I believe Taimya was the 1st one to come out kit like this. I would say go ahead build it you will be amazed and satisfied then buy the chrome edition and keep it NIB if you wish.



Build it, otherwise you will never know!

pcw 064


Thanks my friends for all this good advices.I read with pleasure that I wasn't the only boy who couln't stay indifferent to this car.
The first idea off collecting my NIB's is to build them.
So this one will normally be build but otherwise I like those well filled boxes so much that every time I build one this is like something became real and fanthasy is somethimes so much stronger than reality.
I think I will find a poor example of a Clod Buster (vintage) and give back his glory.I always liked restaurations because they bring back these beautifull pleasure objects to eternity with some spirit more.I just finished the restauration of a bear hawk who had driven a lot and now it's restaurate to allmost perfection.The car came from ebay and when I see this car I think about the pleasure someone had drive it with his friends and clean it up for hours.It brings me back to my moments off great joye and happyness when I was droven my Grashopper with my friend back to the early 80'.

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