Model: (Click to see more) 99982: Mardave
Status: Runner
Date: 10-Jun-2009
Comments: 2
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This car has had a hard life - I raced it regularly both inside on carpet & outside off road, for many years. Its most notable results came competing in the DMS winter indoor series that ran between the Watford & Silverstone clubs.

The car handled great indoors but I felt it was dogged by a less than efficient gearbox, so I fitted the Losi XX gearbox. The gearbox was donated by a mate from his scrapped Losi, I drew up the various brackets needed & another friend (who at the time worked for Ilmor race engines) Machined them up out of ali for me :-) The Losi & Mardave driveshafts were spliced & welded together & the rear of the original chassis trimmed & drilled to accept the new gearbox.

The car ran well (& indeed held its own for a while against a certain Mr Kevin Moore at a meeting down at Watford.... though not for long :-D ) But because it ran parallel toe on the rear wheels - the car was always very lively on the back end especially in low grip conditions. Its this car that I might try & run in the vintage class at Hinkley.

Edited to add more recent/better pics taken with a digi camera rather than scan of old pics. Taking these pics I realised the Schumy microspike tyres had perished & the fronts completely split!

Note: old 1400 SCR battery pack! LosiXX Gearbox




Thats a class car!



Very nice Cobra.

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