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Date: 24-Jun-2009
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Another beauty from A-C (see the S-2)! Purchased winther'2009. This is a conversion kit for the Team Associated B44. It sports a hand molded carbon fibre tub, which is later CNC machined to perfection. Plus tons of carbon fibre parts. The shell has effective air in- and outlets for good cooling. This car is pure porn! The motor is moved forward compared to the std. B44. And the rear shocks are mounted on the rear side of the wishbones. As usual painted by myself, and another Hupo design copy.

Sorry for the dirty wheels & tires on the pics :-D

Update 26.05.2014: Time to retire this one now, it's just too slow on high grip astro :-)

Another successful paintjob, very happy! Pics taken in the sunset Cool & very functional bodyshell! with TrakPower gold LiPo saddles What's in the conversion kit for the B44 Another great kit! Just painted A great car for racing!

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Wow, this looks like business! Nice work on the painting !



Wow that's a properly amazing chassis. It's good to know there are still companies willing to make this kind of stuff.



Well, sadly they have closed down production. At least 'officially'...



What a gorgeous looking B44!!! I like your AC cars very much. Sadly i noticed the company AC too late and now none of these conversion kits are for sale anymore. Well at least they will bring out the TRF201 conversion, the GTO, but i donĀ“t think i will buy it as it moves the motor in front of the rear axle and i race on low grip tracks so i guess thus would a disadvantage.



Thx! But keep in mind you can easily get hold of excellent A-C (used) cars on oOple! (forum/wanted)

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