Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: Restored
Date: 29-Jun-2009
Comments: 6
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This car is from 1987 but its design is very modern. The height to the ground is incredible.
Its transmission concept allows to set the engine in the middle of the car.
The transparent dampers are very original.
It should be a competitive car in its moment, but the plastic parts seem to have excssive rigidity and therefore seems fragile.
Tamartin helped me to complete it with the body and a lot of information.
The exhaust is still to be repaired

Side transmission concept




Nice car, I used to race against these with my old serpent Cobra, and Pb Mustang, then the Koysho Burns came along and 1/8 rallycross was never the same again.



Looks like my old bodyshell cleaned up !!!LOL The last I saw of it was in a shipping container to Austria . The car looks good .

Road Burner


Very interesting buggy you've got, especially the trans.



The body looks better on your car, than on mine. Now there are 4-5 Siccoms in our Club!



Never seen one before, thank you for sharing this beast with us!



Thanks for your comments. That car is great, I must resist without testing it.
And yes, it seems that body have traveled around the word )

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