Model: (Click to see more) 58280: TXT-1
Status: Extra info
Date: 1-Jul-2009
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Was playing in the shed today and realised I had two ezrun 9T brushless systems and a TXT-1 that needed more power. I managed to dig up a Y lead and fitted the two systems with the standard pinions. I strapped two 3200mah lipo's in the battery slot and was ready to roll.

Woo hoo this thing now wheelies easier than my WW2 and has scarey top speed. If I hit someone at this speed I recon it would break a leg. I run it for about 20 mins and still didn't run the batts down. These systems have awsome run times even in this heavy truck. The speed controls were still cool and the motors only just warm. I could easily gear it up but don't dare as the top speed is already out of control.

I managed to get a few photo's but controling this truck one handed while take a photo's was a challenge.


Blacque Jacque


NUTS!!! The torque steer is insane ;P



Oh my, thats nice. I'm still debating whether to do this, or get a mamba monster setup!



Nice truck, great photos and a good idea. The power looks brilliantly violent.. I'm not sure I have the guts to put my EZrun in my TXT-1 but kudos for showing us the results.

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