Model: (Click to see more) 84057: Black Porsche 934 1/12 (TTG GT-01 Chassis)
Status: NIB
Date: 10-Jul-2009
Comments: 6
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I brought this on Ebay BIN its your standard Limited Edition Porsche 934 Black Body Japanese version with black bag.
This one is stamped 943.
9 Numbers off the 934 but its still got all the right numbers on the plaque I purchased this from Jason so Iam guessing he may have had the 934 as well.
What is the general concensus about these numbers being the same as the kit but in a different order ??
This will stay NIB I will probably sell it down the track in a year or two depending on what the demand is for them.
I had a dream last night before I got this kit that I opened it up and saw the number 934 It would appear I did forsee those numbers correctly except I got them in a different order .
Anyway its all back in bubble wrap safe and sound.
Sad dreaming about kits and RC cars.
Comments welcome.




Great buy, surely to appreciate in the future



With it being individually numbered I am sure over time it will appreciate. Though think a lot of people have bought it for the same reasons as you - it really depends on how many Tamiya produce whether it will be be a good short term investment.



Build it! Build It! Cool that it's 943- good work my Aussie mate

Victorious Secret


Congrat Brother Swarm... now everyone's got one except me!!!



Little bit of dyslexia, and you have the magic number... lol....



Nice purchase Stuart!

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