Model: (Click to see more) 58431: F104 PRO Chassis Kit
Status: Extra info
Date: 13-Jul-2009
Comments: 6
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I finally managed to finish the body, although it was a royal screw-up... But it's a racer so who cares...

Options fitted: alu motor mount, alu battery holder, alu front body mount, low friction pressure pads, better bearings, carbide diff balls, soft T bar, titanium screws, small servo, Volac ESC.

Body was inspired by Brawn GP team, driver is supposed to be The Stig. Driver is not finished yet, and the car needs to be set up.

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Second on TC, first to be built :)




Although it is a royal screw up (as you mentioned it yourself) it does look great, hope to see it very soon on a track. Maybe in oostende? btw have a nice holiday.



Everyones always overcritical of their own work - looks good to me.



I knew it would only be time till someone did a paintscheme like or inspired by the Brawns I have to say Tamiya did a stunning job on this car on the looks, and probably drives nicely, too Looking forward to hearing a review about these (especially comparing it with the F103).



Very nice job killerkip. If this is a royal screw up then there is no hope for the rest of us.



Wow! Fantastic job! Well done! Can I ask where you got the racing stripes from?



The stripes are painted

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